Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching Up with Tamara Holmes and Jason Khalipa

By now, most of you probably know who Jason Khalipa is (2008 CF Games champion, from CrossFit Santa Clara). You may not know Tamara Holmes (CrossFit Oakland), though, who is a fine athlete in her own right. She finished just out of the money at the 2008 CF Games, coming in 4th place. (You may have seen her in the CrossFit Journal after she did Queen Kong, too.)

We had a chance to catch up with Jason and Tamara this weekend at Diablo CrossFit, who was hosting a Bay Area Rumble, in preparation for the 2009 CF Games.


Justin Riley said...

Its kinda weird, but I get fired up hearing Jason say that the qualifier is going to be F'ed UP! I can't wait!
See all of you in Aromas in May.

CraigH - Diablo CrossFit said...

Hey! Great job, Mike. I didn't see you doing this at the DCF team competition. And, we missed out having Tamara work out with us. Oh well, CFO didn't need the extra firepower anyway!

We posted a link to this site on ours. Check it out at

Looking forward to the qualifier.

Chris Michelmore - Spartan Swimming CrossFit said...

All signed up and totally excited!

Can't wait to see everyone there.

Connie Moreno said...

Lookin' good Mini! Oh, yeah you too Tami and Jason, I expect to see you both kick some ass at the games this year!