Monday, March 23, 2009


Look for an email within the next couple of day asking you for your shirt size. The email will go out to everyone who has registered to date. Also, if you have not yet registered, make sure to include your t-shirt size when registering for the Qualifiers.

If we don't receive an email response from you, you'll get the following t-shirt:
  • If you're male, you'll get a men's large.
  • If you're female, you'll get a women's medium.

Also, there are only 8 days left until the price for competing in the NorCal Qualifiers goes up to $100. It will change to $100 on April 1.

And congratulations to Ly Terrado of CrossFit Vallejo for designing the winning t-shirt logo.


TomC said...

I dig the logo. Nice work.

CJ said...

Cool shirt!

I still haven't received an email yet so I'm wondering: should we all have been emailed by now?


Mike Minium said...


I'm still compiling the email addresses. The email will go out tomorrow at the latest, but I'm shooting for today.

Stay tuned!