Saturday, February 28, 2009

NorCal Athlete Profile: Tyler Begiebing

Tyler Begiebing
Age - 18
Ht – 5’11”
Wt – 190#
Started CF: Aug 2008
Affiliate: CrossFit Unlimited

Nasty Girls – 8:16
Grace – 2:14 (Women Grace – 1:21)
Cindy – 22 rounds
Nate – 14 rounds
Fran – 3:16
FGB – 388
5K – 22:10

Squat – 325
1/8 Squat - 700
Deadlift – 355
C&J - 245
Snatch Set-up - 380
Snatch – 170
Press – 160

Favorite WOD: Grace
Most Dreaded WOD: Fran
Favorite Breakfast: Nails sprinkled with gun powder
Pictures of Secret Training Camp:

Tyler has a competitive high school football background. He was tentative to jump into CrossFit full force while still playing ball in fear that it would take away time on the field. He did a few WODs here and there, mainly to shut his brother up, but never followed the programming consistently. After graduating high school, Tyler decided to see what a month of CF training would do for him. That month hooked him and a desire to train for the 2009 CF Games was born.

Most 18 year old young adults are sleeping in and partying late. Not Tyler! He works as a bagger at a local grocery store, goes to school full time, plays the guitar, never misses a workout, and has an all around great attitude in "The Cell" and in life.

His hopes are to qualify for the games this year, but if not he will be excited to compete on our affiliate team and shoot for it again next year.
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Ajay Mirwani said...

Get em Tyler!!

Weezy said...

Go get 'em Tyler!!! You are an inspiration to watch!

Smita said...

Your a beast Tyler, keep up the hardwork! Your a great inspiration to us all.

Brandon Banks said...

1/8th squat - that is amazing.

Jenna said...

Tyler is a genetic wonder. What a beast - and nice guy!