Sunday, May 3, 2009

Final, Final Results: Some Changes!

Jocelyn Forest and Jeffrey Leonard, the 2009 NorCal Qualifer champions, in action.

Well after a weekend of things running just about as smoothly as we could hope, I'm afraid Murphy's Law caught up with us after the day's competition was over and everyone was long gone from the Ranch.

After completing a three-hour audit of the master scoresheet and comparing it against the time cards for all of our top male and female competitors, we have two material changes to report. Both of these changes were due to athletes being assigned the wrong point totals for the Sunday workout, and both affect the top-5 standings on the men's side.

  1. Angel Orozco has moved from sixth place to fifth place. Bevan Hart has moved from fifth place to seventh place.
  2. Justin Riley and Darren Rosten have switched places. Darren has moved from third place to second and Justin has moved from second place to third place.

In our rush to get the results out there for the medal ceremony, we dropped the ball and assigned points where we shouldn't have. Our deepest apologies to the four athletes affected.

So here are the final results:

Top 5 Women

  1. Jocelyn Forest
  2. Candace Hamilton
  3. Breanne Feudale
  4. Elyse Umeda
  5. Apollonia Helm

Top 5 Men

  1. Jeffrey Leonard
  2. Darren Rosten
  3. Justin Riley
  4. Joey Warren
  5. Angel Orozco

Below is a link to the master score sheet for the full field.

Men's and Women's Final Results

Congratulations to these five men and women. They'll represent NorCal extremely well in the Games!


kg. said...

Kick*ss. Props to everyone who competed and went down to support!

Congrats Angel & the SFCF Team!!!

MicheleS said...

Great job to everyone who organized the event!

I was wondering if you'll be posting the results for each individual workout?

Mike Minium said...

I can do that, Michele.

I have to get the times for everyone else who competed outside of the top 40/16 entered first (no points for them). Then I can break it out by event.

It's gonna be another day before I get that done, so be patient and stay tuned.

FilthyBrit said...
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Justin Riley said...

To Mike and all the other volunteers, and organizers, thanks again for a fantastic weekend. It meant a ton to everyone in our box. We are looking forward to the affiliate challenge.

CraigH said...

Mike, Nicole, Austin, Jason, Adrian, and everyone else who worked on this event: thank you. You guys pulled it off, despite the weather and crowds. All events went off on time and our athletes had a blast.

I am impressed. Again.

freddy c._one world said...

Awesome event. Kudos to the crew. Can't wait to give it a whirl again next year!

Connie Moreno said...

Definately one of the best weekends ever! Major props to entire staff that hosted the event!


It was a privilege to witness such incredible performances from some very classy competitors. The workouts were brilliant and the organizers pulled off one very enjoyable weekend.

Congrats to all!

Jason said...

First of all, a big “Thank You” to all the organizers, volunteers and supporters. This was a truly awesome event. I think the rest of the world is a little scared of NorCal after seeing the athletes / warriors we are sending, to the games. Good luck to all the Qualifiers in July. And a special good luck and I love you to my little sister Breanne! Way to represent!
Train Hard! Play Hard!
Jason (Peninsula Crossfit)

Jim said...

As a volunteer judge and had a great time. Hosts, organizers, athletes, fellow judges, lead judges, vendors, spectators - all wonderful folks. Thanks so much. Loved the tri-tip and the Fuel2go too! Congrats to the winners who are going on to the competition in July!