Monday, February 9, 2009


NorCal Regional vs. Texas Regional from crossfitoneworld on Vimeo.

Freddy Camacho from Crossfit One World in Union City, CA and Jeff Tucker from GSX Athletics in Fort Worth, TX both attended the 2009 Crossfit Affiliate Gathering on February 7-8. It gave the boys a chance to get together and start a little friendly smack talking between regions.

The two must have been tired (it was a long, fun filled weekend) because they both forgot to give props to Jeremy Thiel from Crossfit Central in Austin, TX, who took a third. I say throw in Tamara Holmes from Crossfit Oakland (4th) and Jolie Gentry from Crossfit One World (5th) and the NorCal region is still looking a bit more stacked!

Who's region is better?????? A little friendly smack talking never hurt anyone!

Want to prove your athletes are part of the reason the NorCal Region is the best? We need stats and action pictures of your firebreathers. Use the same athlete profile that is currently used on the site. Email the information to


TomC said...

Thiel was not given his due, even by a fellow Texan. That's hurtful.

freddy c._one world said...

TomC- Thiel is a beast and a totally cool guy. I put Tucker on the spot, and at the time, neither one of us was really thinking straight. We were just trying to have a little fun.

tuck said...

oh good grief! all fun and laughs! is Thiel a real Texan?
muhahahahahaa - of course Thiel is a beast, and my friend.

plus - maybe you did not pick up on the fact that I was trying to dog Dutch, who is also another Bad Arse Texan