Sunday, February 15, 2009

NorCal Athlete Profile: Angel Orozco

Angel 'Of Death' Orozco (A.O.D.)

Affiliate: San Francisco CrosSFit
Age 28
Elizabeth (squat clean): 5:58
Overhead squat: 245lbsx3
Favorite WOD: 5rnds: 135# 15 Deadlift,12 Power Clean,9 Front Squat, 6 PushJerk
Favorite activities: Karaoke- with or without you by U2, watching Monster trucks, stand-up paddle with my dogs and, playing Rock band

A.O.D. grew up in SF and was a city champion in badminton at the age of 15. Half and half just became a staple in his coffee. Looking for cheap C2 rowers and kettlebells on Craigslist is an addiction for him. Watch out!


TRocksTheParty said...

Nice work Angel.


Brian H said...

This guy is a monster!

freddy c._one world said...

Another athlete that will crush me at the qualifier.... Good times!

Alex said...

Angel is a beast. He does not have an "off" switch. I'm looking forward to seeing him compete.

Good luck!

Roop said...

Look at that L-Sit with the great backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I'll take credit for taking that pic, but all the credit to AOD for being a MONSTER, the guy truly has no "off" switch!!

Nick said...

Angel is a beast. Can't wait to see him compete

Justin Riley said...

Wow Angel, if you are pulling all those numbers at the same time that is mutant level. At 185?! A couple more guys like you and we can all kiss our chances at making the games good bye!

Will Blaker said...

I look forward to competing against you at the games, Angel. I'll be the guy trying to catch my breath having just finished when you're already done and knocking back a couple cold ones...Sweet!

Blair said...

Holy shit, sounds like this could be one of the top 5 we'll be sending!

Christina said...

Awesome job this weekend! Good luck in the games!

-Christina from "Unlimited"