Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 1 Workout Details!

Can you believe it...we only have one week to go!

And here is the lowdown on the workouts for Day 1. Please read through this post in its entirety. We're asking you to provide us with some information that's critical to your participation in the Qualifiers (you'll find this information at the end of the post).


Detailed exercise photos and descriptions will be posted later today. The video tutorial we post will lay out the standards for the workouts. Please check back later today for that information.

So without further ado, here are the two workouts for Saturday, May 2.

Day 1 Workouts

Workout A*

For time:

Row 500m
30 Burpees
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (Men: 165#, Women: 95#)

It's up to you to decide on the technique to employ for the shoulder-to-overhead movement (shoulder press, push press, push jerk, etc.). Efficient technique will be rewarded.

Scaled Version

Row 500m
30 Burpees
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (Men: 105#, Women: 65#)

* There will be a ten-minute cap for this workout.

Workout B

Max reps in 10 minutes of:

Ground-to-Shoulder (Male: 185#, Female: 105#)

It's up to you to decide on the technique to employ for the ground-to-shoulder movement (power clean, squat clean, deadlift-and-curl, etc.). Efficient technique will be rewarded.

Qualifier for male athletes – 10 reps of each exercise must be completed
Qualifier for female athletes – 4 reps of each exercise must be completed

The qualifier number means that for the workout to count, you must complete at least that number of reps for each exercise by the time the workout is done. If you cannot get the qualifier number in 10 minutes, the workout will not count as Rx'd. You can think of the qualifier number as a buy-in amount.

You can allocate reps between the two exercises however you want, as long as you meet the qualifier number for both exercises (e.g., you could go for all ten reps of muscle-ups first, then go for cleans, or you could alternate between the two exercises until you get ten of both, or do any number of other scenarios).

Scaled Version:

Jumping Muscle-Up
Ground-to-Shoulder (Male: 115#, Female: 75#)

Other Important Details

Workout A and Workout B will be run simultaneously. The first heat for both workouts will begin at 9am and run in 20-minute increments thereafter. There will be a morning session from 9am to 12pm, followed by a 1-hour break. Competitors will switch workouts and the afternoon session will then run from 1pm to 4pm.

The top 40 males and top 20 females from Day 1 will move on to compete in the Day 2 workout. The Day 2 workout will be announced at the end of Day 1. No scaling will be allowed for the Day 2 workout.

Heat assignments will be posted on this blog on Wednesday night, April 29. This means that you'll know exactly when you'll be going. Workouts and heats will be randomly assigned.

What We Want from You and When We Want It!

We need to receive an email from you with the following information:

Workout A: Rx'd or Scaled
Workout B: Rx'd or Scaled
Name of person who made credit card payment for registration (if other than yourself)

You need to have this email to us by Tuesday 4/28 at midnight. That's a hard deadline. If we don't receive an email from you, you won't be placed in a heat for the workouts.

Our email address:


Jason said...

Bring it on!!!!!!!

Good luck to all I will see you all in Aromas.
Train Hard! Play Hard!

Jason (Peninsula Crossfit)

John P. said...

On Workout B, must the athlete perform the same number of reps of each exercise? For example, could someone score 30 reps by doing 20 muscle-ups and 10 cleans?

Anonymous said...

as long as you meet the required minimum of 10 Muscle ups and 10 cleans, you can do whatever break up you desire or can achieve. 20m-u/10cleans... 50cleans/10m-u... 29m-u/14cleans etc. The minimum score needs to be 20 with 10 muscle ups and 10 cleans within 10mins in order to count.

Mike Minium said...

Yes, what makatak808 said.

Rudy said...

Can you still qualify to Day 2 even if you scale on Day 1. Does scaling weight and Rx'd weight count the same? Can you clarify how that works?

Mike Minium said...


Complete scoring details will be released before the Tuesday deadline, so that you can factor that into your decision.

We'll be using a points-based system, similar to what was done in the CF Games in 2007, due to the disparity in time domains.

And those who scale will not be awarded nearly as many points as those who do the workouts rx'd. In fact, the scoring will be set up such that if you scale, you'll only receive points after all rx'd performers have been awarded points.

Again, more details to follow (shooting for Monday to get you guys the scoring system that will be employed).

Justin Riley said...

These WODs are great! Both events will require good strategy for the best time or score. I am scared shitless what you guys came up with for Sunday, but looking forward to it with equal enthusiasm.

Blair said...

Pretty interesting. Very simple workouts but it will really come to show who can do strength the most.

I'm almost expecting Sunday to be some horrid form of metcon WOD.

Maybe I will try to do both of these sometime this week to have an idea.

Considering the competition in Norcal, I suspect the only strategy is to kill WOD-A and maybe if you can figure out what you need and wherever everybody else is, only do WOD-B to the point that you qualify and still score well ( because you don't want to lose out on total points including day 2 ) to place top 5 after the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

With a huge field of 210 competitors, it will be tough to get to sunday. The workouts are simple in nature, but very difficult in proportion. I believe the Norcal qualifier will send the fittest and most intense 10 athletes to the games. There will be no room or time for gaming with these workouts.

saulj said...

Spent most of last night thinking about the workouts and they are awesome! Relatively easy to judge but also very good test of the 10 characteristics of fitness. Well done!

joey warren said...

what does everybody think will be the score that wins each workout?

Anonymous said...

sub 3mins for workout A and probably somewhere near 90 for workout B.

William said...

i can see how someone would get 90 on B, but sub 3 min won't happen

Darren said...

Is the shoulder to overhead on workout A form the ground or from a rack, like in Freddy's Revenge?

Mike Minium said...


The shoulder-to-overhead is from the ground. No racks will be used.

CraigH - Diablo CrossFit said...

makattak808 got it right, NorCal will send the best athletes to the games. Its a shame we only have 5 & 5 for the games, especially since 210 are competing.

Nice work on the Regionals so far, Mike and crew.