Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NorCal Athlete Profile: Cubby


He is only known as "Cubby". He is CrossFit Redding's mascot!
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 180lbs
Fran: 3:06
Grace: 3:04
Helen: 7:40
Cindy: 23 rounds
Deadlift: 415
Rear Squat: 315
Clean: 245

Cubby is getting "Fit as F**k!" He is just about ready to "Bring the Ruckus" come May 2-3rd. Everyone at Crossfit Redding is looking forward to see how he matches up against the big dogs. Cubby is 19 years old and has gained about 20 lbs in one year of doing CrossFit at CrossFit Redding and has been ramping it up the past few months. He is highly self motivated to train hard as well as help others become better at CrossFit. He is a former high school wrestler and was on the swim team. Currently he is going to school and is a Level 1 certified trainer as well as part owner of CrossFit Redding. He is really looking forward to mixing-it-up with the big dogs in Northern California and really wants one of those 5 slots available!

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Bunnie said...

19 huh?...I thought you were older cubby bear. Remember me?...Bunnie? You're lookin' hot!