Saturday, April 18, 2009

Registration is Now Closed!

Registration for the NorCal Qualifiers is now officially closed.

Thanks to all who signed up--it's going to be a great competition!

Look for posts within the next week or so on workout details, the check-in process, and anything else you may need to know about the weekend of May 2-3.

The Skinny on T-Shirts

We've now sent out two emails for t-shirt ordering. The first one was sent out to everyone who registered through April 1; the second one was sent out after registration closed to everyone who has registered for the NorCal Regionals. If you didn't receive either of the emails, please send us an email at with the gender and size specification for your t-shirt (e.g., men's large, women's medium, etc.). Or if you did receive the email, please reply with the same information.

If we don't hear anything from you by Sunday, April 19, you'll receive a large t-shirt if you're a male, or a medium t-shirt if you're a female.


Justin Riley said...

How many total competitors will there be?

Imagine said...

What time do the games start at? I'm coming down as a spectator.

Mike Minium said...


It looks like there are right around 210 competitors.


The first heat on Saturday morning will go off at 9am.

Blair said...

Damn, I missed it because I wasn't keeping track of it last week. Kind of a moot issue since I have a minor sternum injury that I wasn't sure was going to heal before the Games ( aggravates rings period in support and MU ).
I was looking into judging so I will email about that.