Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Event Details!

The crew from Fuel2Go who will be on hand at the Ranch this weekend


You only have a couple of minutes left! We need the following information from you by Wed 4/29 at midnight or you will not be placed in a heat:

Workout A: Rx'd or Scaled
Workout B: Rx'd or Scaled
Name of person who made credit card payment for registration (if other than yourself)

Email us that info at by Wed 4/29 at midnight and you're good to go.

And now, onto other matters...

Below is some information you may find useful for your weekend down on the Ranch.

In no particular order:


Fuel2Go will be available at the NorCal Qualifiers! F2G will be there to provide healthy and delicious foods for spectators and participants on both Saturday and Sunday. All of their food is local, organic, and Zone friendly!

The following foods will be available:

Post-workout nutrition bars
Frittata muffins
Hard-boiled eggs & fruit
Persian lime & honey almonds
Paleo kits of jerky, berries & nuts
Heirloom tomato tuna salad with olives
Curried Fulton Valley chicken salad in whole wheat pita
Chicken/Prather Ranch beef skewers with vegetables and whole grain salad
Diestel turkey chili

More on Fuel2Go:

Final Bits and Pieces Related to Day 1 Standards

First and foremost, we've released the PDF that details all of the movement standards for Day 1 workouts. You can find it on the righthand side of the blog (see Day 1 Workout Standards), as well as here:

Also, just to answer a question that's been batted around in the comments over the last couple of days, yes, you can go behind the neck for the shoulder-to-overhead movement in Workout A.

There's precedent for this type of allowance, from none other than CrossFit HQ in their "Freddy's Revenge" video:

Windows Media Version of Freddy's Revenge
Quicktime Version of Freddy's Revenge

What about tape and other things you might need for the workouts?

Medical providers will be on site, but only for emergency incidents. We will have a small crew and supplies are limited. Bring your own chalk, tape, band-aids, and antibiotic ointment for you hands. The last two years have seen numerous athletes at the Games tear their hands competing. Bring whatever medication you need, and if you even might need an inhaler, please bring it!

Incidentally, chalk, tape, and even gloves (if you can suffer through the teasing...kidding!) are allowed. Any lifting aids, such as straps, are not.

How It Will Go Down Over the Weekend

Saturday, May 2nd

Volunteer Check-In:
Begins at 6am SHARP! There will be a main registration booth for both volunteers and athletes. Please check in when you arrive!

Standards Meeting for Volunteers:
6:30am. This is a mandatory meeting for judges.

Competitor Check-In: 6:30am to 8am. Come to the registration tent to sign your waiver, get your athlete card, t-shirt, and competition number.

Competition Begins: We'll be running Workout A and Workout B simultaneously. We'll run both workouts from 9am to 12pm in the morning session. Then we'll take a 1-hour break, everyone will switch workouts (if you did Workout A in the morning, you'll do Workout B in the afternoon and vice-versa) and we'll run the afternoon session from 1pm to 4pm.

We'll be running 12-person heats for both workouts. You'll find out your heat time for the morning session and the afternoon session on the blog tomorrow (we're shooting for getting those details posted by no later than noon).

Saturday Night After the Day's Competition is Over

There will be two major happenings Saturday night:

  1. We'll be announcing the Sunday workout, along with a demonstration of the movement standards that will be in place for the workout.
  2. Pat Barber (4th place, 2008 CrossFit Games) and his band will be playing at the Ranch!
Judges: Also take note that we may be calling on you for a standards meeting either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Sunday, May 3rd

We'll be running the top 40 men and top 20 women in heats for the Sunday workout from 9am to 1pm. A medal presentation will follow at the conclusion of the final heat.

All other competitors will have the chance to do the Sunday workout as well. It's optional, so you don't have to do the workout if you don't want to, but if you don't, you'll be missing out on a workout that will use the terrain of the Ranch in a way that's never been done in Games competition.

For competitors outside of the top 40/20, we'll be running the Sunday workout in two separate sessions:
  • From 7am to 8:45am (for all you early birds)
  • From 1pm 'til whenever the last heat is done (approximately 4pm if we have full participation in the morning heats)
We'll be providing a sign-up sheet for the two sessions Saturday night. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Address: The Ranch, 275 Dunbarton Rd, Aromas, CA 92115

Google Map of the Ranch

Can I bring my RV?

Yes, but all RVs need to be on the ranch by Friday night.

Can I camp overnight on site?

Yes. But please be respectful of the property and of those hosting this event. It's their land, after all.

What about spectators?

Spectators can come free of charge. Let's pack the house! The more fan support, the better.


Blair said...

Somewhat off-topic, but I am trying to see about getting a ride to the Ranch and Games this weekend on Friday or Saturday ( by 630AM ). I will be in San Jose this Friday afternoon and have yet to lock down details of lodging and transportation to the games because I have not heard back with the parties I was going to travel with.

Of course, I am willing to pitch in for gas or lodging ( all I really care about is shower access ) and getting there.

I'll check my email before work tomorrow at 2PM but won't log back on till probably 2AM besides leaving early for San Jose by train on Friday morning.

I may not even need to bother with this but it's getting late in the game and I need a backup plan besides being concerned.

Thanks all. Hope to see ya there!

apoorva said...
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CraigH said...

Hey, CFOW suggested that behind-the-neck is a permitted start position for the shoulder-to-oh in "A." True?

Blair, I had to crack up at your post: "all I really care about is shower access."

Having been to Aromas several times, I can tell you that "shower access" may be the rarest commodity. Good luck with that.

Darren said...

The PDF states that rower damper will be set at 5. Can we change it or is 5 the default for the entire rowing station.

Mike Minium said...


Yes, you can go behind the neck for S2O in Workout A.


It's true, we're standardizing the damper setting at 5 for everyone.

J.D. said...

FYI - Damper will be different on all the ergs depending on how old they are, what model, how clean they are kept, ect.

the only "truly equal" way to achieve this is to set the Drag factor (usually around 120 for rowing tests). This will result is some erg's lever arms at 4 and others at 7 sometimes, it just depends. You at correct that it should be somewhere around 5, but wont always be 5 on the lever arm.

you can access damper settings by hitting more options from the main screen and seleting drag factor. take 5-6 strokes and adjust lever till desired # is achieved.

Tim Dymmel said...

I'm sure you're busy... but...

Can we get the Heat lineup?

I'm trying to organize some babysitting and when I'm scheduled determines a lot of other things.


NorCal CF Regionals said...

Tim and others,

I'm diligently trying to get the heat information out there.

We're in the final stretch, just making sure that everyone will have enough weight available to them when their heat is scheduled, that they're in the right heat (scaled vs. rx'd), and other logistical stuff.

I'm way past my commitment of getting the heats posted by noon, but it won't be much longer, I swear!

Thanks for your patience, everyone.

Daniel said...

My wife and I are volunteering - will there be an opportunity for us to get our own workout in at some point? Not as competitors or anything, just standard-issue CF addicts.

Mike Minium said...


We'll do what we can for you, but I can't make any guarantees.

Mike Minium said...


Thanks for the input. We'll see how feasible such a thing is in terms of time management. We have a lot of heats to get through.

My gut is that we're not gonna be able to make that kind of accommodation, but you never know.

Blair said...

Disaster seems to be averted, whew.

I'd love to be able try one of the WODS, since I'll be missing a workout tomorrow and going a bit batty without working out on the weekend.

btw, CraigH, it was confirmed to me that campers would have shower access. I'm imagining a 3m cold shower. Woohoo, mil shower FTW!