Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Lowdown on Scoring


Remember, we need the following information from you by Wed 4/29 at midnight or you will not be placed in a heat:

Workout A: Rx'd or Scaled
Workout B: Rx'd or Scaled
Name of person who made credit card payment for registration (if other than yourself)

Email us that info at norcalcfregionals@gmail.com by Wed 4/29 at midnight and you're good to go.

On to scoring...

We'll be using a points-based system for the Qualifiers this year, very similar to the system used in the Dirty South, explained here: http://www.crossfitdirtysouth.org/2009/03/dirty-south-event-scoring.html

Basically, you earn a certain number of points depending on your finish relative to the rest of the field in each workout. First place gets a certain number of points, as does tenth place, as does last place.

Here's a snapshot of how points will be allocated for the men's competition (152 men):

Men's Scoring Template

Here's a snapshot of how points will be allocated for the women's competition (55 women):

Women's Scoring Template

And here are some answers to questions that may arise after reviewing the templates.

What Happens in a Tie?

For a workout:

You get points based on how many competitors finish ahead of you. For example, if there's a four-way tie for 2nd place in a workout, those four competitors each get second-place points. The guy with the 3rd place time would get sixth-place points, because there are five competitors who finished ahead of him (the guy in 1st and the four guys tied for 2nd).

For the overall competition (i.e., determining the top 5 males and females):

  • The first tiebreaker would be Reps in Workout B/Time in Workout A + C. [And yes, we're giving you a clue on Sunday's workout (Workout C): it will be for time.]
  • If still tied, the second tiebreaker would be working back from Workout C. So first we look at time from Workout C. If still tied, we look at reps from Workout B. If still tied, we go to time from Workout A.
  • If still tied, then we have the tied competitors go head-to-head in a sudden-death workout at the conclusion of Sunday's competition.

What about the scoring for scaled workouts?

Competitors who complete a workout scaled, or who do a workout as rx'd but fail to meet the standard for the cut-off time (in the case of Workout A) or the minimum number of reps (in the case of Workout B) will be placed in the scaled pool for scoring. This means that they will receive points only after all of the rx'd competitors have received points. For example, if 100 men finish Workout A as rx'd (1o minutes or less), then the top competitor in the scaled division would receive points for 101st place (100 competitors are ahead of him). And the second-place finisher would receive points for 102nd place, etc.

What if someone fails to finish Workout A in 10 minutes?

The judge will make a note on the scorecard, indicating which rep of burpees or jerks (hopefully they're not still on the rower) the competitor had completed at the 10-minute mark. This will give us an accurate measure of how they performed for scoring purposes. Any competitors who do not complete all reps of Workout A in 10 minutes will be placed in the scaled pool for scoring (see above).

What if someone fails to meet the required minimum of reps in Workout B?

If someone fails to get 10 muscle-ups and 10 cleans in 10 minutes (Workout B), the judge will make a note on the scorecard, indicating how many muscle-ups and cleans the competitor completed at the 10-minute mark. Any competitors who do not complete the minimum number of reps in Workout B will be placed in the scaled pool for scoring (see above).

What about this top 40 men and top 20 women business?

The top 40 men who complete both workouts as rx'd on Saturday and the top 20 women who complete both workouts as rx'd on Saturday will move on with a chance to earn one of the top 5 spots, earning them a place in this year's CrossFit Games. If fewer than 40 men or 20 women complete the workouts as rx'd on Day 1, then we'll take only the number of people who complete the workout as rx'd. For example, if only 16 men get through Saturday as rx'd, then that's how many will move on to compete in the Day 2 workout for a spot in the Games.

This is a tough standard, to be sure, but we think if we're going to send the five best men and women to compete in the Games, that they should be able to get through the Day 1 workouts as prescribed.

The only scenario in which we'd send scaled competitors would be if we had a number less than five. In that case, we'd send scaled competitors through to Day 2.

Do the scores from Day 1 carry over to Day 2?

Yes. The top five men and women will be evaluated based on their performance in all three workouts.

Will all competitors have an option to do the Day 2 workout?

Yes! This is a topic worthy of its own post, so more on this later. Stay tuned!


Catherine said...

Is there a link to directions? I can't find the actually address to be able to map it...help!

CrossFit OG said...
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CrossFit OG said...

I had to do a little digging to find directions. Found em on the 2008 CrossFit Games website.http://games2008.crossfit.com/the-venue/

Jason "J-Dogg" Highbarger

PS: I just wanted to commend everyone involved in the creating of the wods and organizing of the NorCal Qualifier. You have all done an exceptional job and I truly believe NorCal will be sending some of the fittest people from all the qualifying regions to the 2009 CrossFit Games.

CrossFit OG said...


Catherine said...

Thank you so much!

CraigH said...

Good scoring standards, guys. I appreciate that you're combining AMRAP with time wods - it makes for a more interesting event. I also respect the time and energy necessary to score this many competitors.

For the life of me, I can't find registration times and start times.

Mike Minium said...

We will post all pertinent event detail tonight and the program for both days, directions, suggestions and the like tonight...

Nicole, CFO

Mike Minium said...


Patience, my friend. We've extended the deadline for people to get us the email indicating whether they'll be doing the workouts scaled or rx'd until midnight tonight, in light of the change in muscle-up standards that went down.

So we'll be posting complete heat information tomorrow morning, as early as possible.

Chris Michelmore - Spartan Swimming CrossFit said...

Everyone involved, I just wanted to give a HUGE thanks for all this. I haven't stopped sweating in anticipation since the wod posting. Looking forward to a great weekend!

Will we know how many out of the total are attempting rx'd vs scaled before the kickoff?

Tim Dymmel said...

Any rules/ruling regarding chalk, tape, gloves, etc.?


sax said...

Any standards regarding dropping of weights?

Mike Minium said...


Chalk, tape, and gloves are fine.

Lifting aids like straps are not.


No restrictions on dropping the weights, as long as you've completed the rep through its full range of motion.


When we post the heat information tomorrow we'll include totals for rx'd and scaled participants.

FilthyBrit said...

Don't mean to be a pain in the a$$ with all the questions, but will we be able to tape the rings themselves, or are they already taped?

Thanks so much to all the organizers. This really is an epic undertaking, and I know we don't make your lives any easier!


Mike Minium said...


The rings will be taped beforehand.

Katie said...

For the Rx muscle-ups, will we be able to get into the false grip with our feet on the ground and then lower to the starting position (feet off ground, elbows extended), or will we have to jump up and get into the false grip in the air?

Mike Minium said...


Yes, you can set your hands in the false grip and then lower into the start position with arms fully extended and feet off the ground.

Katie said...

Thanks, Mike. Can't wait!

Myles lewis said...

Will we be able to do the wods inside if the weather does not cooperate

Mike Minium said...


The logistics would be tricky, but yes, we would be able to run both Day 1 workouts inside of the barn if need be.